K1 - Mrs. Ramirez

   My Classroom Sway

My name is Theresa Ramirez, I am a Colville Tribal Member, and a proud mother of four adult children and eight grandchildren.  I enjoy teaching, learning, camping, fishing, hunting, crafting and spending time with family and friends.

I have been at Paschal Sherman Indian School for twenty nine years.  I started out as a Paraprofessional for the Chapter 1 Remedial Program my first four years and then continued as a Paraprofessional for Preschool for seven years, then as a Parent Educator for the F.A.C.E Program (Family and Children in Education) for two years. I am currently the Kindergarten-1 teacher and have been for the past sixteen years.

I received my K-8 teaching credentials from Heritage College and hold K-12 teaching endorsements in (ESL) English as a Second Language /Bilingual studies. 

When I decided to get into the Educational field I made a promise to teach within my community and help Native American students succeed to the best of their abilities.  This promise led me to my work here at Paschal Sherman Indian School. I love working here and my hopes and dreams for this school are for it to be admired by other schools for outstanding student behavior and academic growth performance- a school that students will take pride in when learning their language, history and culture and how to be model citizens to our community.

The best advice I have for students is to never stop learning and to remember that learning is exciting and full of possibilities. No matter what grade you are in or how old you are, strive for success.

K2 - Ms. Hubbard


My name is Jolene Hubbard and I have worked at PSIS as a Kindergarten Teacher for 5 years now.  I have also worked here in the building for the Tribal Head Start Program for 3 years. I have a BA in Education with an Endorsement in English.  I went to Walla Walla Community College to receive my AA Degree, then I went to Heritage College in Omak to receive my BA Degree. I have twins who are 11 years old, they turn 12 in March.  I have a boy and a girl, their names are Kylee and Kegan.  I have family all around me in Omak.  My hobbies include riding horses when I get a chance, hunting, beading when I get a chance, and many outdoor adventures.

I choose PSIS because I really like working with Kindergartners. I feel like I can make a difference in their lives and they make a difference in mine as well.  I like to be here for them as much as I can, teach them, listen to their problems or accomplishments and so on.  It’s challenging some days but every day is different so I love what I do.

My hopes and dreams for PSIS is to continue to make a positive change with my students and other students who stay here along the way.  I would like to see more classes evolving here such as cooking, keyboarding, and music to name a few.  I would like to see more positive behaviors within the students and strict disciplinary actions to possibly minimize the students who misbehave.

I believe PSIS is a strong school with many positives aspects.  We strive every day to be here for these students.

1 - Ms. Plakos


This is my first year working at PISIS. I graduated from WWU with an Early Childhood Development/Bachelor of Arts in Education/K-8 Certificate.  I have taught 4th, 5th, LAP Math, PE, and guest taught in all grade levels/departments. Some of my hobbies:  dancing, exercising, gardening, mountain climbing, kayaking and swimming.

2 - Ms. Jane


I have worked at PSIS since 2003, 16 plus because I worked as a parapro for 2 years and 1 year in the dorm in the early 80’s. Total 19 years. I also worked as a parapro in Omak School District for 11 years.

I attended Wenatchee Valley College-Omak Campus for 2 years, then graduated from Heritage University-Omak Campus with a BA in Education.

I have 2 daughters, the eldest is Michelle, who use to work here for 3 years after she graduated from University of Washington with a BA. She received her Masters Degree in Athletic Field from Central University. She currently is the Director of The Boys and Girls Club, in Nespelem. She has one daughter, Preslee, who is 2 years old. My youngest daughter is Rachel, she currently works for the Colville Tribe Human Resource Department in Nespelem. She received her BA in HR at Eastern Washington University. She has one daughter, Kyra, who attended here from K-2nd grade. Kyra attends Omak Middle School. Rachel has one son, Messiah, who is currently in K-1 here.

I have played softball since 1977, I currently play with a women’s team in Wenatchee with my daughter Michelle and I play in a Senior League with Shirley Bowden. I am a pitcher, and an infielder.

I went to St. Mary’s Mission in 7th and 8th grade. During that time I had stated my goal was to come back as a teacher. I achieved this goal but I waited until after I had my children to go back to school. I am very happy to be back on campus at this beautiful school learning and teaching.

My hopes and dreams for PSIS is to become a school that meets all of our “Vision Statements”. “To prepare our children to be the speakers of our language, guardians of our culture, and leaders of our future.”

1-2 - Ms. Mason


This is my second year working at PSIS, although this is my fourth position here.  I was originally hired at the dormitories as a Home Living Assistant, but within a few months I was transferred over to the school side to be a Para Educator and serve one-on-one with a student. During that time I continued to work at the dorm under a Century 21 after school program where I taught crafts and other hands on activities. When this school year started I continued as a Para, although not one-on-one, and continued with the Century 21 after school program. Within a few months there was a need for a teacher for a new class- a 1st/2nd grade split that focuses on social/emotional learning- and I stepped in to fill that position. So now I am a teacher, but I still work with the after school program as well. 
I graduated from the University of Washington the same week I came to work at PSIS in 2017. I started working here before I had moved from Tacoma. I moved to Omak with my 2 teenage boys, Joshua and Andrew, and my 1 preteen daughter, Ileana, but I had to say goodbye to my oldest son, David, who stayed in Tacoma to start his new adult life on his own. The rest of us live together in Okanogan with my partner Cody and our dog Bailey. We like a good combination of being outdoors and watching movies, so you will find us dirty and digging up roots and berries, or cuddled up on the couch watching Netflix. I also like to craft just about anything, but my real love is knitting.
I have known for many years that I would move to "this side of the mountains" once I graduated, but I didn't know which city I would move to. I met my partner at Standing Rock and after visiting Omak many times and forming bonds with people and the scenery, I decided that this was the place I was being lead. The first time I ever came to Omak I was dropping my partner off with his parents for Christmas and I was outside looking at the mountains. I started getting emotional and I knew the Creator was telling me that this would be my new home.
I chose to work at PSIS because of the students. These students in particular have something so special about them that they make it hard not to want to be with them! I have had the privilege to work with multiple ages and have gotten to know pretty much all of the students, and every single one has so much to offer, I am honored to play a small part in guiding them in whatever capacity I can. I would like to see PSIS continue to put students first as they learn more about their culture, and through that knowledge, learn that values that will stay with them and guide them when they are on their own. 

3 - Mr. Richardson

 I was raised here in Omak; much of my time was spent on the reservation. My mother created the first Head Start in the county and also helped create the Head Start here at PSIS. I was married for nearly 40 years and lost my wife three years ago. We had two girls, now 19 and 23 years old. We built our own home on Salmon Creek and lived off grid for more than 25 years there.

As a carpenter I was injured and then spent six years in college earning my AA, BA, and Teaching Certificate. This was a fascinating time for me as I held my 3.5 average for the entire time and graduated with honors and the prestigious President’s Medal, presented to one student per year by Wenatchee Valley College. I planned events for the college and staged over 100 events in the community: lecture series, concerts, youth events, open-mics, Peace Festivals, and University visits. This success led to work for Washington State University’s Upward Bound and summer employment with the Colville Tribe as a 4H Facilitator for the youth programs. This program brought me to PSIS for yearly week long Science Camps, sponsored by WSU and the Tribe. It also had me work summer camps for three years at Twin Lakes, teaching Canoe, Rock Climbing, Low Ropes and High Ropes. These skills were also used at Omak Lake with PSIS dorm students where we would paddle with thirty children in five small canoes and one 25 foot canoe.

Further employment included teaching for WVC at Omak as the lead teacher in the GED program for two years, until the economy crashed. I worked as a para professional in SPED at Omak High School for four years until I was placed here at PSIS. I am now in my third year here, beginning with a 1st/2nd combo class, then SPED last year and 3rd grade this year. Teaching at this level has been my dream class as I student taught in First Grade and thrive in primary school.

As I enter this stage of life I have the support of my growing family, wife and new baby. I feel very comfortable here at PSIS as I strive to become a fully effective teacher. Universities teach that it takes 3 to 7 years to become the fully effective teacher. I seek the patience and support I will need to teach our learners. I have spent 62 years growing up here and supporting the tribe through many events, including planning WVCO PwoWow for many years. I am so proud to be here now and working with these youth.

4 - Ms. Norton


My name is Lisa Norton and I am the fourth grade teacher here at Paschal Sherman Indian School. I have been at PSIS since 2012, first in the SpEd department and five years as a Middle School Language Arts teacher.

I hold a B.A. in K-8 Interdisciplinary Studies and an M.A. in ELL from WGU.

I grew up in New Orleans but have lived in WA. for almost 30 years. I have two adult children, Shelby and Casey, who both reside in Spokane, WA. I live with my two dogs, Dixie and Scout.

In my spare time, I like to read, go to Zumba and work out, and watch documentaries.

After my first year, I chose to remain at PSIS because the students are so inspirational. Each day they bring a new and fresh approach to school and life that helps me to keep things in perspective. I learn from them as much, or maybe more, than they do from me.

My hope for PSIS is that we will continue to build and grow into a school where students know that their culture will be practiced and celebrated at the same time that they receive an education that will help prepare them for any future they choose.

5 - Mr. Carr


6 - Ms. Abrahamson


I started at PSIS in 2000 as a home living assistant in the girl’s dorm at the old school. I have pretty much worked here since. I transferred to the school side around 05’ and began as a para-educator in the sped department. In 2015-16, I began my teaching career taking on the 6th grade homeroom class.

I graduated from Omak High School in 1999 and went on to attend college at both Wenatchee Valley College and Heritage University. I received my associate of arts general transfer degree in 2002 and my bachelor of arts in Elementary Education in the spring of 2015.

I have a fairly large close knit family. My parents have been married for 38 years with an anniversary that falls on my birthday! I have six beautiful children ranging in ages from 2-18. My two year old son is the youngest and my eighteen year old son is the oldest, with four girls in between the two of them. I also have three step children who are 19, 16 and 13 years old. I have four siblings, two sisters and two brothers and many aunties, uncles and cousins and many friends and ceremony relatives who have become family.

I enjoy doing things outdoors with the family. I also enjoy reading as many books as I can cram into any free time I find. Two of my favorite hobbies are doing crafts with the kids and tie dying. 

I knew from a very young age that being a teacher would be my chosen profession. After working at Paschal Sherman as a para-educator for many years I became passionate about instilling in the younger generations a thirst for knowledge and an educational drive that would carry them far in life. I wanted to use my own experiences and teachings to be a positive role model and teacher to the future generation who are the future leaders of our people.

Jr. High Math & Lang. Arts - Ms. Fry

         Classroom Sway

My name is Kellie Fry, I am the 8th grade homeroom teacher and the Jr. High Math teacher. This is my 10th year at PSIS; I worked for seven years at the dorm before transferring to the school side.

I have a bachelor’s degree in business management from Western Governor’s University and am currently taking Teacher Cert. classes at Washington State University with a program emphasis of Native teachers teaching Native students. I am involved with the National Science Foundation in collaboration with WSU, Warm Springs and Coeur d’Alene Tribes creating a Science Curriculum from an Indigenous standpoint.

I live in Omak with my fiancé Sam, our two small dogs, and a bearded dragon. We plan to be married within the next year. In my free time I enjoy watching movies, reading in a variety of genres, and creating crafts.

I choose to work at PSIS because I want to make a positive difference in our student’s lives. I want to show them that there are teachers who can and are willing to be empathetic and sympathetic. I want our students to know they have my support and encouragement to make it, not only through our school, but through high school and on to college or trade.

I hope to see PSIS full of students who are happy to be a part of a school that encourages them to embrace their native culture all the while expecting great things from them, be it leadership or academic achievements. I hope to someday see us take our students through twelfth grade and graduate proud scholars.

Jr. High Science & Hist. - Mrs. Quintasket


I have worked at Paschal Sherman Indian School for 24 years.  I also taught at North Omak Elementary for 10 years, returning to Paschal Sherman in the year 2000.  It was the best decision of my career! 

I earned my B.A. degree in Education in 1986 from Heritage University.  I was endorsed in Science k-12, Language arts k-12, and Social Studies k-12, as well as general education k-8.    Through the years I earned my master’s degree in k-12 counseling and currently hold a Washington State counselor’s certificate.  I also earned my Early Childhood Education endorsement.  I taught Early Childhood Education courses for Wenatchee Valley College and Northwest Indian Colleges in evenings for the last 20 year.

My husband I have 5 children, 18 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.  We also have numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins both in our area and in the LaConner/Vancouver Island areas. I am very proud of my family!

Two  of my favorite hobbies are photography and quilting.  One of my goals is to learn how to make a star quilt.

I chose to teach at Paschal Sherman Indian School because I love this school.  I believe that our school offers our students opportunities that they will not get to experience in other schools.  I love the setting, we get to go outside and do hands-on science.  I love the staff, we support each other and we focus on the success of our students. 

My dream for Paschal Sherman Indian School is that we will continue to develop curriculum that  views our learning goals through the Native perspective for grades Kindergarten through grade 12.