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Way̓ x̌astskahalt.

The following plan was developed with the input from all Paschal Sherman Indian School staff as well as the school community. This plan awaits School Board approval.

Phase Two – Hybrid Model beginning November 2nd, 2020

On October 15th, the Okanogan County Covid – 19 situation will be assessed. If new cases are less than 75 cases per 100,000, school would open according to a “Hybrid Plan”. Parents and guardians would be offered the option of continued online instruction if uncomfortable with sending their children to school. At the time of this writing (October 15th, 2020), the incident rate of the virus is 41 cases per 100,000 – still under the required 75 but worrisome because cases are rising again.

All students K – 8 will attend on site for two days per week and at home for two days per week. Monday and Tuesday Group A will be on site while Group B is at home. Thursday and Friday Group B will be on site while Group A is at home. Wednesdays will be for sanitation and cleaning, for teacher planning, and for individual scheduled conferencing with students and parents. Those students who are at home may participate over Zoom.  

On site classroom size: 5 – 7 students per teacher. Students will be confined to their own classrooms, rest room if needed, or outdoors.

All students will attend their two on-site days from 8:30 - 12:00 either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday

While at home, all students K – 8 will log in to the PSIS website to access Zoom classes, including a daily morning meeting. Parents can assist their children by logging into the PSIS website to access their child’s assignments, assessments, grades, and attendance. Teachers will utilize Seesaw and Google Classroom for student interaction and instruction. Student Services staff will address Social and Emotional Learning needs and Mental Health needs through Google classroom, as well. All teachers K – 8 will conference with parents on Wednesdays when needed and make available all assignments and schedules.


Students will be kept in small groups for breakfast and sent home with their lunches

Health and Safety Protocols


  • Plexiglas installed behind the bus driver
  • Students cannot board the bus without a face covering
  • Masks or shields will be handed out to all students before they board the bus
  • Temperature checks will be taken for all students before they can go to their assigned seat
  • The bus monitor will walk the student back to their home if the students temperature is 99 degrees or higher
  • Students will sanitize their hands from a touchless device before going to their seat
  • Students will be sitting every other seat in assigned area for the school year
  • Transportation staff will follow required CDC regulations for sanitizing the bus after each bus run.


Hall Ways and Classrooms


  • Staff will ensure students walk directly to their classroom in the morning following 6ft space markers on the floor.
  • ALL employees and students will wear face coverings (masks or shields). We are recommending shields for the children as they are more comfortable and we can monitor their facial expressions.
  • Physical Education: 6 feet social distancing with hikes, outdoor activities, and calisthenics. Some online programs as well.
  • Lunch will be served in the classroom by paras with food brought on carts. Paras will deliver breakfast and lunches to the students that will be learning from home.
  • Students will use every other stall in the restrooms during scheduled restroom breaks (stalls will be locked to ensure social distancing). Touchless soap dispensers and hand towel devices will be purchased and installed in the restrooms.
  • School will be thoroughly cleaned every Friday to meet all CDC requirements for a safe learning environment.


Parents are encouraged to provide transportation to and from school. Those parents who choose this option will be reimbursed for their expenses. Protocol will be the same as stepping on the bus except at the school entryway. Office staff will help School Nurse to screen students, hand out face coverings, and make calls home if necessary. If a child has any symptoms, School Nurse or designee will immediately isolate child, call parent, and transport child home.

Emergency Protocol

In the event a student or staff member tests positive for the Covid – 19 virus, those students, their teacher, and anyone within close contact will return to Phase 1 until quarantine period is over. Students will continue instruction online with a substitute teacher (if it is the teacher testing positive) for the duration of the quarantine. Contact tracing will then occur. For COVID-19, a close contact is defined as any individual who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes starting from 2 days before illness onset until the time the patient is isolated.



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