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From Mrs. Falcon

April 30, 2021

Way’ Dear Paschal Sherman Parents and Families!

We at PSIS have been thrilled the past few months in teaching the students in-person. They are progressing at an astonishing rate and seem to be enjoying their days at school with their teachers and friends!

As we enter warm spring months, we are looking forward to nearby field trips, Outdoor Education activities, and a trip to the water slides in June. If you are interested in chaperoning, please notify your child’s teacher. We will also be enrolling students and kindergarteners throughout the next few months and summer, setting up community stations to assist parents with enrollment and offering prizes and incentives for full classes completing the enrollment process early.

In looking ahead, we have carefully evaluated any risks of our current weekly schedule of in-person instruction of four days in the building from 8:30 – 2:15 and concluded that we will remain with this schedule for the rest of the this school year. Barring unforeseen circumstances regarding the Covid pandemic, we are planning for a full reopening of school in the fall with all students back to in-person learning on a regular schedule. In addition, those students who have been identified for academic intervention or additional supports will be invited to attend summer school. Summer school will span 6 weeks with exact dates and times yet to be determined, and will be a balance of catching up academically and participating in enrichment activities. More specific information will follow later this month.

Finally, please wish your child’s teacher a Happy Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3 – May 7).

As always, feel free to call or visit my office and/or your child’s teacher and classroom anytime, following school safety rules, of course. Check for meeting dates on the Quas Qui Parent Advisory Board to make your voice heard! We at PSIS honor parents as our students’ first teachers and welcome your involvement with school improvement.


Lori Falcon, PSIS Superintendent/Principal