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Lisa True Residential Supervisor

Paschal Sherman offers an on-campus, safe and supervised co-ed dormitory for students in grades 1 through 9. Home Living Assistants (HLAs) are trained to make sure your child's living arrangements are conducive to supporting their academic life as well as social behavior. All HLAs are trained in basic first aid/CPR, proper medication safety and handling as well as de-escalation strategies. We have an on-site Residential Mental Health Professional who spends half of the day with students during school hours and the other half with students after school hours in the dorm. 

The two story building is split into two wings (boys side and girls side) with students in grades 1-5 living on the first floor and grades 6-9 living upstairs. The building comes equipped with:

  • A central living room area with tables/chairs and couches
  • Shared satellite TV
  • A small kitchen with appliances
  • Dorm-wide intercom system for important announcements
  • Secured environment with campus security camera system
  • A secured nurse's office 

The lower wing bedrooms come equipped with beds and dressers for up to four (4) students. Each of the lower wings share a common bathroom with four (4) showers and one (1) handicap accessible shower. The upper wing bedrooms come equipped with beds, dressers, and a sink for two (2) students. Two separate bedrooms will share one bathroom between them which is also equipped with a toilet and shower. 

All wings have:

  • Thermostat control for each dorm room
  • Common living room area in each wing equipped with a TV
  • Study areas with tables to complete school work
  • Laundry rooms with one washer and one dryer 
    • HLAs will typically wash younger student's clothing; older students are responsible for their own laundry

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