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Meredith Carr, Librarian/Curriculum Coordinator


Ashley Pearce - Theatre/movement/music


With almost a DECADE of professional Theatre experience, including Educational-Theatre experience, Miss Ashley is thrilled to join the PSIS community and team this year as the Theatre, Music & Movement Educator. Miss Ashley has worked in over 300+ schools around the nation with CLIMB Theatre, Prairie Fire Children's Theatre & Missoula Children's Theatre. At CLIMB, Miss Ashley traveled to up to 7 classes a day, or up to 3 separate schools per day, throughout the Midwest using acting & engagement-learning techniques to educate students in empathy, anti-bullying techniques, environmental awareness, drug awareness & resiliency. With Prairie Fire & Missoula Children's Theatre, Miss Ashley would spend each week in a new community across the nation, auditioning & meeting students on a Monday and putting on a full hour-long musical by Friday or Saturday! 'How?' - one might ask?? Using theatre techniques, along with an overwhelming amount of positive reinforcement, she would encourage students to never give up, no matter how difficult things seemed. Miss Ashley is also a certified Youth Yoga Instructor (ages 2-17) & has been using her time in class to educate students in Mindfulness, Yoga & Breathing Techniques, Movement, Music Theory, Theatre, Empathy, and Community. She is looking forward to teaching more life skills at PSIS and feels grateful to be part of this community.

Mrs. April Condon PE


Susan Best - G/T


Sarah Fox - Nature Immersion

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Valerie Mason Outdoor education