Michelle Seyemor


Lead Salish Instructor

Bud Bitonti


Craig Cohoe - School Nurse

Larry Witt


Michele Matt


Tashina Gorr


I have worked at PSIS for Twelve years

2007-2008: SPed para (through Tribal OJT)

2008-2010: Residential Assistant Sub

2010-2015: SFA (Success For All) para- Reading Group/Tutor

2015-2018: Salish Language Para

2019: Salish Language Intern


My educational background includes:

High School Diploma: Omak High School

WSU Upward Bound: Washington State University (2 summers)

Early Childhood Education Program: Spokane Falls Community College & Ashford University (online)

Praxis test: WA ESD (AA equivalency test)

Internship: Salish Language Program (currently in pursuit of certification)


When I’m not at work, I especially love traveling. Whether if it’s for a Pow-Wow, Stickgame, or just a weekend of shopping and visiting family. Some of my favorite places to go are Vancouver, WA and Spokane, WA. I also like to play board games with my family, I am a Monopoly champion. And I love playing card games.


I was a student at PSIS in the 90’s and appreciated the family-like atmosphere. I felt like all of the staff cared about my successes, not just my classroom teacher. I remember learning the Salish language and doing cultural activities. As an adult, I like to be a part of passing that cultural education to our students. I enjoy using the Salish language as much as I can, while also encouraging students to find an interest in the language and their culture.


My hopes for PSIS is similar to that of one of my previous teachers/mentors, Debbie Simpson. It is a goal that someday PSIS will be an academy that students will work hard to attend school here. That our student count will be high and competitive, and we are educating students all the way up to 12th grade, and to see our own students graduating.

Adeline VanBrunt


H VanBrunt


I have worked at PSIS for almost 13 years. I have my B.A. in Radio/Television Business from Eastern Washington University ....... when it was known as Eastern Washington State College. Hobbies include: showing the JV's the finer points of chasin' cows. Coaching Volleyball with my daughter.    B-B-Qing. Paying guitar in an aging Rock Band. Traveling with my wife. I came to PSIS as a substitute Para and after I taught my first kid to read using SFA, I was kinda hooked on helping the students learn. My hope for PSIS is that PSIS becomes such a prestigious school that you have to take a number and hope you are selected.

Della Peters


 I worked at PSIS in the mid 80’s, move to Oregon then came back & worked from 1999-2005, then came back again in 2017. 

I have an AAS from Wenatchee Valley College and a BA from WSU in human development, focus was family studies and minored in psychology.

My family is as diverse as a family can be!  My parents; Eddie and Katie Moomaw.  Mothers maiden name was Michelsen.  Her family was one of the first settlers on Pogue Mountain.  My father’s family came from the Colville and Umatilla reservations.  Half of his siblings were enrolled Colville the other half were enrolled Umatilla.  As I understand it, there were many reasons for this split.  There was always an underlying fear or question as to which Tribe would survive with the best interest of the members, so, my grandparents split the difference- so to speak.

I have 3 adult children, 8 grandchildren and quite a few  grand nieces and nephews. (they call me grandma)

I love huckleberry picking! Being in the mountains, in the quiet with my basket and berries is the ultimate happiness for me.  I also like fishing and camping.

I chose PSIS because I feel a closeness and belonging.  I feel like I am able to understand the students and the students definitely know me.  I want the kids to feel happiness in learning and a complete sense of self. I love the fact that our kids can be culturally who they are.  I want the children to be proud and conscious of who they are and be cognizant of  the options for their lives; that they don’t have to settle on any one preconceived  notion of  who or what they want to be in their lives.

Addie Smith

Hi there! My name is Adriana Smith, better known as Addie, but I’m usually affectionately called “The JV”. I feel honored and so thankful to be serving an Americorps position here with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest for the 2018-2019 year.  

I originally hail from Northern California, and have family living all over the San Francisco area, California, Colorado and New Mexico. My parents are Michael Smith and NoraLynn Rendon. I am the youngest of three kids, my sister Rosalind lives in Seattle and my brother Sam is currently serving in the military on deployment in the Middle East.  We also have a dog named Maggie! 

I earned my Bachelor of Arts at Loyola University New Orleans in World Religions with a minor in English. I loved my four years in New Orleans, one of which I worked at a Law Clinic and two at an Elementary School Day Care. On campus I was a leader in my sorority, in the retreat communities and in service organizations.  I also studied abroad in India, where I experienced a beautiful and welcoming culture.   

I am so thankful PSIS chose me as their JV this year. Since receiving my placement, I found out I have a small legacy at PSIS! My cousin Dennis Montez came as a JV in the 70’s and since then has living in Nespelem.  

I have learned so much in my few months here from many staff members and the students. In the future I hope that JV’s can continue to work with PSIS, learn about the culture and develop relationships with the incredible students that go here.