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Bud Bitonti PE para support


Adeline VanBrunt 5th Para-Pro


Loretta Watt 1st grade Para-pro


Makisha Zacherle - K1 Para pro

Marti Widdifield G/T Para pro


I`ve been in Education started in 1973.  Omak School District as a Jonhson O`Malley Teacher`s Aide, Grades 1st to 3rd Grade for 3 years. In 1976  I worked off and on at Paschal Sherman Indian School, Resource Room, taught Art, taught First Grade for 6 months, December to May.  While working full Time at Paschal Sherman I received a B.A. in Education  in 1982, and in 2004 I got my Master`s in Professional Development from Heritage College. I taught half time Grade 4 and preschool.  Full time Preschool and later Kindergarten for several years. I was assigned to teach 8th graders, I enjoyed the experience working with the older students.

Last assignment was Manager of the Family and Children Education Program acronym FACE Program. 2 years, the program consisted of Birth to Three with 2 Early childhood Specialist for Home visits and intake, and assistance. preschool Teacher, Adult Education 1 teacher and Teacher`s Aide.  The Manager's duty was to gather data, budget was used for incentives, salary, report.  Travel was Mandatory for training for all the Personnel several times a year.  Retired in 2007, returned in March 2019 as a Substitute, and Para Educator to March 2021.

Yvonne Hart 4th grade Para-pro


Sam Carden 2nd Grade Para-pro


Kay Benson 3rd Grade para pro