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I`ve been in Education started in 1973.  Omak School District as a Jonhson O`Malley Teacher`s Aide, Grades 1st to 3rd Grade for 3 years. In 1976  I worked off and on at Paschal Sherman Indian School, Resource Room, taught Art, taught First Grade for 6 months, December to May.  While working full Time at Paschal Sherman I received a B.A. in Education  in 1982, and in 2004 I got my Master`s in Professional Development from Heritage College. I taught half time Grade 4 and preschool.  Full time Preschool and later Kindergarten for several years. I was assigned to teach 8th graders, I enjoyed the experience working with the older students.

Last assignment was Manager of the Family and Children Education Program acronym FACE Program. 2 years, the program consisted of Birth to Three with 2 Early childhood Specialist for Home visits and intake, and assistance. preschool Teacher, Adult Education 1 teacher and Teacher`s Aide.  The Manager's duty was to gather data, budget was used for incentives, salary, report.  Travel was Mandatory for training for all the Personnel several times a year.  Retired in 2007, returned in March 2019 as a Substitute, and Para Educator to March 2021.

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Della Peters ISS


 I worked at PSIS in the mid 80’s, move to Oregon then came back & worked from 1999-2005, then came back again in 2017. 

I have an AAS from Wenatchee Valley College and a BA from WSU in human development, focus was family studies and minored in psychology.

My family is as diverse as a family can be!  My parents; Eddie and Katie Moomaw.  Mothers maiden name was Michelsen.  Her family was one of the first settlers on Pogue Mountain.  My father’s family came from the Colville and Umatilla reservations.  Half of his siblings were enrolled Colville the other half were enrolled Umatilla.  As I understand it, there were many reasons for this split.  There was always an underlying fear or question as to which Tribe would survive with the best interest of the members, so, my grandparents split the difference- so to speak.

I have 3 adult children, 8 grandchildren and quite a few  grand nieces and nephews. (they call me grandma)

I love huckleberry picking! Being in the mountains, in the quiet with my basket and berries is the ultimate happiness for me.  I also like fishing and camping.

I chose PSIS because I feel a closeness and belonging.  I feel like I am able to understand the students and the students definitely know me.  I want the kids to feel happiness in learning and a complete sense of self. I love the fact that our kids can be culturally who they are.  I want the children to be proud and conscious of who they are and be cognizant of  the options for their lives; that they don’t have to settle on any one preconceived  notion of  who or what they want to be in their lives.

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