Language at PSIS

We are currently working on our second year of teaching the seasonal rounds curriculum that PSIS language program developed with Cree Whelshula for the k-5th grades. In middle school we are working on greetings and possessives in the language from the Tony Mattina workbook and from the "kʷusuknaqínx acxʔit iʔ scʕ̓aʔʕ̓ác̓tət" or Okanagan readings from the Enowkin Centre in British Columbia and the Colville Tribal language preservation program.

The middle school is learning the difference between "My land (intəmxʷúlaʔxʷ) " vs. "Your land (antəmxʷúlaʔxʷ)." The elementary and primary wing are working on seasonal rounds and elementary is integrating small sentences into their lessons. We are working on moving from vocab words to sentences and greetings.

We are super pleased to announce our new language intern, Shayna Palmanteer and her salish name is stx̌cin which means Water Lily.

Our program manager is Michele Seymour who is mx̌ʷal̓ or baby board, and our language instructor is Monique Bourgeau or sw̓lckʷ, Omak lake water that never freezes.

mx̌wal̕ (Michelle Seymour)


sw̓lckʷ (Monique Bourgeau)


Jaimie Yallup

Winds Prayer

stx̌cin (Shayna Palmanteer)