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Todd Wehmeyer, Librarian


This is my first year working at Paschal Sherman Indian School.  I was hired last summer to be the full-time librarian.  I recently moved to the Methow Valley to be close to my parents.  Prior to the new job and move, I lived and worked in Tacoma, WA.  I was a librarian at two different elementary schools over the last six years.  And before that, I worked as a classroom teacher for about ten years; mainly in elementary schools.  So, this is my 17th year as an educator and my 35th year in education.  My brother-in-law once joked that some day I would have a job without summers off- that hasn't happened yet.  Though, I work every summer doing some second or third job!

I have four children; three teenage boys and an adult daughter.  Currently, I am living with my parents in Carlton, WA with my cat bugbug and their cat "Tubby".  Two of my boys live in Bellingham, WA and my son and daughter live in Tacoma, WA with their mothers respectively.

I really enjoy eastern Washington and I'm glad I finally got to make the move out here.  My family has lived in this region for many generations.  Living in eastern Washington gives me great opportunities to play in the water, go for hikes, and spend time being outside.  I can't say I miss the rain much from "the coast".

Paschal Sherman Indian School wasn't originally on my radar for a job.  I happened to hear through the grapevine about the library position.  And when I came out for the interview I was blown away at how beautiful this little valley-canyon is, the great architecture and history of the school and the students.  When I visited, a student came up to me and gave me a hug right away.  It immediately felt like the place for me to be.  And to top it off, on the day of my interview, I saw a female moose just down the road.  I hadn't ever seen a moose in all my years living in Washington!

As a staff member at PSIS, it is my hope and intention to take part in creating the best place for students to learn and be themselves.  I am working to recreate the library as a social space and infuse technology into the classrooms.  I want to be a part of connecting education to culture and language, to work with the staff and community, and help students discover their powerful personal journeys.




We use Alexandria software.  Scout is quick and basic.  Researcher is advanced.

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